New and Used Ultrasound Machine Parts & Probes for Sale

Many ultrasound machine parts are required to keep your ultrasonic testing system functioning smoothly. These are: central processing unit, keyboard, disk storage device, control probes, transducer, ultrasound monitors, trackballs, keyboard, circuit boards, power supplies, covers, and thermal printer, among others. The ultrasound transducer probe is the most important part. It sends high frequency sound waves and receives echoes as they bounce off bodily tissues and internal organs. It has quartz crystals and when an electric current is applied to these, they undergo rapid shape changes, which generate sound waves that travel outward. It is the transducer probe that determines the image quality of the processed data. At National Ultrasound, we are proud to sell many of the ultrasound parts you need to keep your clinic or practice thriving. 

New, Used, and Refurbished Ultrasound Machine Parts & Probes 

When it’s time for replacement of any ultrasound machine part, it results in severe downtime, causing financial losses. We, at National Ultrasound, understand the significance of a well-functioning ultrasonic testing system. We carry a large selection of ultrasonic probes and parts from all major manufacturers, making it easy to keep an older system going strong.  

National Ultrasound is a one-stop shop for all new and refurbished ultrasound machine parts at affordable prices. We stock over 2000 parts and probes for both new and older ultrasonic systems from various brands. Count on us to ship these parts anywhere in the world.  

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National Ultrasound carries probes from all major manufacturers. We have new, refurbished, and used ultrasound transducers for sale. You can replace your old parts or upgrade your existing ultrasound system by adding a new probe.  

We have the following ultrasound probes for sale: 

Linear Array – These are generally high frequency ultrasonic transducer probes that are best suited for shallow depths and high-quality imaging. These have many applications, depending on whether they are 2D or 3D. 

Convex Array – Also known as curvilinear probe, the Convex Array has a wider view and a small convex contact surface making it best suited for the abdomen

Micro-convex Array – This is a subtype of the Convex Array probe and as the name suggests, it has a smaller field of view and is thus suited for neonatal and pediatrics applications. 

Endocavity – These ultrasonic probes have small footprints and are best suited for performing internal examinations of the body. 

Transvaginal – These probes use high-frequency sound waves to provide detailed images of the internal organs in the female pelvic region. 

TEE – A TEE probe can be used to perform an echocardiogram. It has a specialized probe with an ultrasound transducer at its tip, which can be passed into the patient’s esophagus. 

Phased Array – In spite of having a small square head, the Phased Array probe can create a real time display of a large area and is used in Doppler imaging as well as cardiac and abdominal imaging.  

Usb – As the name suggests, a Usb probe is a portable device that can be attached to a laptop, tablet or computer device with a Usb port. After installing ultrasound software on the computer, one can then easily scan, save, send, and print the ultrasound data (images taken with the probe). The biggest advantage is that healthcare professionals don’t need to be in a clinical setting or have access to an ultrasound machine to use this ultrasonic probe; it can be used in remote locations.   


We offer the following ultrasound machine parts for sale:  

Track Balls
Circuit Boards
Power Supply  

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We carry a complete inventory of ultrasound machine parts from the following major manufacturers: 

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